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In a Better Mood Dude

Tee Hee
I'm still a useless being, bumming off my parents and nervous as hell about going to the psych assessment tomorrow - but other than that I'm feeling a lot happier today than I have in ages and I haven't a clue why.

There really isn't anything else for me to post, except that I've been hooked on two songs for the past week by Allie X. She's only done three songs on youtube, but I love Prime and Catch so much.
Now for the sharing part of the post :D

Feb. 23rd, 2014

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. You can't use the artist I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "My life, according to (artist name)."

Pick your Artist: Kimya Dawson

Describe yourself: Nobody's Hippie
How do you feel: I'm Fine
Describe where you currently live: Rocks With Holes
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: France
Your favorite form of transportation: Angels and Seagulls
Your best friend: Being Cool
You and your best friends are: My Heroes
What's the weather like: It's Been Raining
Favorite time of day: Sunbeams and Some Beans
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Viva la Persistence
What is life to you: So Far So Go
Your relationship: Like Nevermind
Your fear: Caving In
What is the best advice you have to give: Walk Like Thunder
Thought for the Day: I Will Never Forget
How I would like to die: Sleep
My soul's present condition: Will You Be Me
My motto: I like Giants.



Tee Hee

Here's to a new year - may 2014 be a vast improvement from 2013 :D

Also, thank you koyaaniisqatsi for the cute Christmas card :D

Season's Greetings!


I hope everybody has been having a Merry Christmas or a happy holiday in general :D

I've been busy doing the advent challenge on LJ for the past 25 days - filling it fan arts and one fanfic (because I haven't written anything properly for over a year and the Word document was mocking me as if to say "BUT SARAH, YOU DID ENGLISH LITERATURE FOR THREE YEARS - SURELY YOU KNOW BASIC GRAMMAR? SURELY YOU CAN WORK OUT A SENTENCE - and yes for the last time, no matter how long you stare at it, that is the right was to spell 'does'.") I'll do another post to post it all up here C:

In other new, Christmas has been alright :] Spent it with the family and got rained on when we went out for a walk. It's been pretty uneventful really, but considering how bad this year has been - I'm happy enough with uneventful :]
Just watched a load of tv - although I haven't got round to watching Doctor Who yet. I'm not prepared for the mess that Moffat has written for Matt Smith's last episode - but I'll get round to it tomorrow because I still love the show dammit. This basically means no tumblr tonight ha ha ha.

As for presents; I got Emmy a grow your own bonsai tree with a necklace, Tasha a mini archery and a frame with a necklace, and Erika a Snitch with a necklace (did I buy a lot of necklaces this year?... maybe). For Roisin I got her a Jumper and Micky Flannigan dvd - although the dvd is actually a late birthday present because I kept forgetting to give it to her whenever we met up.

For my family I gave Dad a bottle of brandy with the first series of Archer, Call the Midwives boxset with a pile of cosy socks for Mum and a Superman hat and socks for John. I am so glad that I started doing the Christmas shopping at the start of November because there's no way I could have afforded it all this month >.> Well, at least everyone seemed to like their presents (except for Erika, I'm giving her her present on the first weekend of the new year).

As for me, Mum got me a load of clothes - mostly black high neck shirts ("I managed to use up all the Matalan coupons that were nearly out of date for your present" - you're probably not meant to tell me that Mum, but thanks anyways xD), along with a Simpsons t-shirt and a nice Christmas jumper :D

Oh yea - super sexy yo 8D

Mini photo-spam of presents :BCollapse )

Finally, I've started to read The Hunger Games and omg why did I wait so long to start reading it? I've been putting it off for ages and now I'm on chapter 15. I was going to rotate it with the other books I'm reading, but it's so addictive - I can see what everyone meant by it being a page turner. Although I know most of the spoilers from the movies and Tumblr, I'm still loving it :]

I picked up the Beyond the Occult at the library and it's been pretty interesting so far - it's about researches into the paranormal from studying the supernatural and scientific explainations, but I'm still at the introductions chapter lol. A lot of people recommened Ash to me, but after three chapters I'm not really feeling it :/ I'm determined to finish it, but I'm going to finish the Hunger Games first.

And that's all folks :]

Last Month's London Expo 2013


It's high time I did this post.

My time at the October's London Expo - with myself cosplaying Simon from Adventure Time (and constantly being mistaken for the Doctor from Doctor Who \o/)

Sexy face right there :B

Photo spam beyond this link...Collapse )

So many posts to do...

I've been meaning to update for a while now (wait- what do you mean you've already heard that one before?).

Since my last update:

  • I've turned 24 years old a week ago on Sunday and had an ok time.

  • I've been to the London Expo, had some super fun times and intend to do a spam of photos eventually.

  • Went to the hospital to have a camera up my butt to check if my insides are falling apart or not (they're still good \o/).

  • Sort-of-started on NaNoWriMo but have yet to make an official start online, plus I have to change my profile since I changed my story line and title at the very last minute - going from lesbian romance between a vampire and a ghost to a weird fantasy/science fiction that has more angst than a stereotype of an mid-2000s emo kid - full of magic and superheros... yup :I

  • Completed level one on my maths program. Now I have to wait a month to get my certificate before I can continue on to level two and get a basic GCSE equivalent grade to prove I know what numbers are.

  • And enjoyed Halloween by watching a ton of movies and putting on a furry hat that someone gave me ages ago.

Looking like wannabe-goth me from 2005. Shame is for the weak and people with pride in their appearence - the latter definitely does not apply to me.Collapse )
In other news, I've been getting hooked on a band called Steam Powered Giraffe. They sound like fun and some of their songs are nice... but in reality I can't stop listening to their cover of 'I Love It', plus their face paint and costume -HOLY HELL I WANT THEIR CLOTHES. erm. yes. that's about it. I'll probably get round to updating with a Expo spam soon :]

Fire Fire is my second most-listened-to track.

Still unemployed and lost on what to do for the future - although with Christmas coming up I've been applying to a lot of Christmas temp jobs, so who knows.
I have about 50 story ideas from novels to comics floating in my head and on hundreds of loose pieces of paper in a folder, and yet I have about zero concentration to do anything productive. With that being said, I did enter a short story for Diva magazine last month - but it ended up sucking because I had to edited down to 750 words and got a bit too egar by emailing it before I could fix it up better :I oops. Still, I wanted to do it just so I could show myself that I am capable of completing tasks... even if the motivation was £75 depending on if they printed it in their mag or not.

Also, I had to take my mum to the hospital last night and the entire day today - going through three changes in prescription, suggesting my Mum had a clot or DVT (deep vein thrombosis) - then to cellulitis and finally a reaction to my mum's heart condition. Ultimately we're hoping that the anti-biotics will work by Friday or else she'll have to be put on a drip. In addition to that, I have to go back to the hospital for my yearly check up and tell her about the gut bleeding stuff and the future colonoscopy at the end of the month. yippie.

I'm just feeling a little tired about the whole thing and I've drifted off to sleep at least twice, so I apologize for any grammar and spelling mistakes in this post...

When in doubt. post up a singing puppy.

Hope everybody is well, and as usual I'll try and update more :D
How this works:
You comment, I give you an age (please tell me how old you currently are - I don't know all of your ages unfortunately) and you fill out the meme questions with what applied to you back then, and now.

koyaaniisqatsi gave me 17.

I lived in:
London, with my family.

I drove:
Nothing - hellish public transport baby!

I was in a relationship with:
As single as a fart in a church.

I feared:
Dogs. Seriously my phobia of dogs was really ridiculous - a newborn puppy could send me into tears (don't ask me why I was afraid, I just was :B)

I worked at:
I couldn't find work. Nearly got a job in a shoe shop, but I was turned down due to a lack of retail experience :/

I wanted to be:
Able to get into any university that would take me.

Now (at 23):

I live in:
Same place, still with  family in London :B

I drive:
Still with the public transport until I can afford to take driving lessons.

I am in a relationship with:
Allll by myyyyself~

I fear:
Never getting employed and never leaving London..

I work at:
Just volunteering at a charity shop :I

I want to be:
Employed and out the country.




I had just written a long-ass entry for my new update and LJ just jerk to another page randomly. When I hit the back button, the whole post was completely gone >:[[[
I've just about had enough of your crap LJ. I swear, every time I attempt to make a post the site is either down or glitched. It only works when I'm in lurkers mode :|

I'm just a bit pissy since I was actually in a good mood when I was writing that post. Granted it was about nothing new, apart from signing up for a Maths GCSE course to improve my grade and being rejected for being too stupid \o/, it was a nice and lengthy post written in good humor, and now I just can't be bothered.

Aside from re-watching/catching up with House MD, I've been giggling over The Most Popular Girls in School series.

Happy New Year!

Lol yeah, late as ever - but here's to 2013 - may it suck less than 2012 \o/

New years resolutions:
  • Give up coffee for 3 months (1 month at least).
  • Sign up for a maths course and redo my Maths GCSEs.
  • Finish writing the book I've been working on since god-knows-when.
And now that the holidays are out the way, it's back to applying for jobs again @_@ Urgh and I have to re-write my CV and cover letter. Urgh life. Urgh and a bah humbug to it all :P

I should get my art blog back up again, I was in a bit of a mood when I deleted it all <.< I've been feeling depressed lately but thankfully it's been manageable and I'm starting to get some stuff done. I'm attempting to clear out my mother's stuff (I swear if it wasn't for the rest of us living in the same house, I have a feeling the woman would have gone full hoarder mode years ago. :/ ) - so far I've managed to clear out about two large piles of magazines and started sorting out the board games to take to the charity shop. She was a bit reluctant about getting rid of the mags, but once I pointed out that most of it was either torn apart or water damaged she agreed to chucking them out.
I was suppose to be going out on New Years but the phone calls for plans never came and I could not be bothered to call lol. For the most part I've been feeling pretty numb to everything lately - not in a sad way (though like I've said before; I have been feeling depressed recently, it's just not been the kind of depressed where I can't get my shit together or end up feeling to bad to live etc...) - just basically feeling unenthusiastic for life. Eh, I can only keep on plodding along til something happens :)



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