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So... Life happened and I got side-tracked from doing this post. The main thing that's happened so far is that I'm in the process of quitting the schema therapy trial to get away from some unnecessary bs from group therapy and just not getting along with the new therapist for the one-to-one sessions. I haven't really been handling it well, but I'm holding up so far :)

Anyhoo, these are some pictures I took at Expo. It's been a long time since I last went to a convention, and although I'm not sure if I will ever go back again - I did have fun :D


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Jul. 15th, 2015

I have no internet access and I'm currently using a computer at the local library (and with only 3 minutes left aaaah!) - all because someone screwed up at BT Broadband while we were transferring over from TalkTalk :/ But yeah looks like it'll be a week before my home gets internet sccess ;_; I already cracked after 6 days without getting to check my email.

Movies Post

I saw Mad Max Fury Road the other day and LOVED it.

There wasn't a moment I didn't like. The action sequences was fantastic and visually stunning - even if it was enjoyably ridiculous at times (the guy just rocking out with his fire-shooting guitar on top of a monster truck kept cracking me up every time he came on). Tom Hardy did really well as Max and omg I kind of fell in love with Furiosa while she was kicking ass throughout the film :'D
Also the awesome old biker ladies in the desert were brilliant too. I could go on and on about all the characters and scenes (Max's hallucinations were pretty horrific but well done, and it kind of makes me want to watch the original trilogy to learn more about Max. Also I'm mostly motivated to see the third film for Tina Turner), but overall this was a really good movie. If I could I would definitely watch it again.

Now from a really good movie to a really bad movie.

Apparently this is a sequel to The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I've heard that it was bad but thought "Hey I don't mind bad movies, sometimes they can be hilarious. Besides if I can watch Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland more than once, then surely I can handle this." But oh god I was wrong.
It doesn't make sense at all plot-wise and aside from using Brad and Janet as characters it's barely even a sequel. It think there was supposed to be some satrical criticisms about mental health care and commercialism - but it was really half arsed and maybe that's just giving it too much credit. There were some stupidly funny moments and I didn't mind some of the songs, but altogether it was down right terrible.The best compliment I can give it is that it is slightly better than the musical Xanadu.

Also, I was surprised to see that Rik Mayall was in it even though he was there as a minor character for the majority of the movie - it wasn't until I saw the ending credits that I had to go double check it to know for sure.

As funny as I thought it was - Bitchin in the Kitchen is probably the song with the worse lyrics.

So imaginative :'D

Baby, Please, You're Dead Wrong

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But that aside, I've been hooked on FEMM recently. The lyrics aren't exactly fantastic, but the songs are kind of catchy, and some of their songs have helped me out of some awful moods recently. Plus their videos are fun to watch - loving all the latex wardrobe and dancing :'D

Definitely been listening to Dead Wrong the most. It was the first song I heard by them too from a random Tumblr post :]

Also Wannabe is pretty good too. Honestly I'm almost tempted to post up all their videos haha.
I have been absolutely awful with updating. Lately it feels like I have zero motivation to do anything, and whenever I do do anything it feels pointless. Ah yes, I'm having fun in the land of depression/emotionaless feelings at the moment.

But anyhoo...

- Dad's out of hospital and is pretty much recovered, even though he does have some balancing problems and has to walk with a walking stick to move in a straight line - but aside from that he's doing ok. Now we're getting prepared for radiotherapy to deal with his prostate cancer - although he has to have another scan now that the schwannoma is out of the way. With any luck it will be at the very early stages and not be as serious (well we can only hope so anyways).

-I've been on a bit of an animated movie binge. I absolutely enjoyed Big Hero 6, Baymax is just downright adorable :'D
I loved The Book of Life. Normally I side-eye the hell out of love triangles, but this is one of the few that got the characters dynamic/interactions just right. Plus the apology song to the bulls kind of made me teary eyed, but that's mostly because I've been all over the place with my emotions lately so never mind lol. In addition, I Love you too Much is a cute song.

It was a bit odd but I did like Boxtrolls - mostly because I have a huge weakness for stop-motion animation and enjoyed the style of the movie overall even when it looked pretty grotesque in some parts. I was also very happy to hear Richard Ayoade throughout the film voicing one of the minions.
Also, I rewatched Utena the movie for the first time in years with a friend - and despite having amazingly beautiful animation, I had forgotten how fucked-up it was overall. Still, it was worth seeing Tasha getting angry at the scene where Utena suddenly transforms into a car for no reason whatsoever :'D
Ew Livejournal, I do not like this 'updated' style. I had accidentally clicked an update link on the front page and now everything is ugly... since I can't undo it I'll probably get use to it eventually. It still sucks though.

Anyways, I had tried and failed to complete the 100 books challenge for 2014. Honestly I didn't think I'd actually get that far, but I was being a bit ambitious last year. Totally going to try again this year, and at least try and make it past 50 books.
I ended up reading 28 books - although 19 of them were graphic novels (and two manga series). I was going to try and cram a few more books in the last month, but I hit a bit of numbness/depression recently and couldn't be bothered - so I just read a load of fanfics throughout December instead lol.

So the books I read:
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Now onto the grahic novels:
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Ah well, I've started the year with 'Asleep' by Banana Yoshimoto and might either try to finish 'Ash' by Malinda Lo afterwards, or get started on Lord of the Rings since I've been on a movie kick after seeing the last Hobbit film and thought that it was about time I actually read the trilogy. Here's to 2015! :D

HELLO 2015


May this year be better than last year :D


Hope everyone is having an excellent day!
Just going to watch a ton of Christmas specials once I finish watching the Christmas classic Muppets Christmas Carol 8D
I haven't done a meme in a while, so here's one I've nicked from Deviantart 8D

name ➔ Sarah
birth place ➔ London
where do i live ➔ I ain't left my birthplace :x
hair color ➔ Brown
eye color ➔ Brown
birthday ➔ 27th October
lefty or righty ➔ righty
single or taken? ➔ I live the single life
happy? ➔ ha. hahahaha... eh I have my moments.

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Stuff that has happened.

I had forgotten that I have a maths assessment tomorrow, and I am no where near ready for it D:
Everything I had learned a year ago has disappeared out of my mind - and I can't find the notes I made so I wouldn't forget how to do simple maths. Seriously, I'm back to square one with knowledge in subtraction, addition and one-quarter of the times table. That's the best I can hope for :I Oh well, dumb luck is my last resort xD

On the upside, I went to see an exhibition over at the British Library a couple of weeks ago called Comics Unmasked: Art and Anarchy in the UK.

I was really good! I enjoyed all of the displays so much that I even made notes (because the English Literature student in me will never die haha) :D Now I have so many artists and graphic novels to look up, like '100 Months - John Hicklenton', 'Dotter of Her Father's Eyes - Mary M. Talbot' and 'The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Mr Punch - Nail Gaiman' (the models used in the book were on display there and they were so creepy, I loved it XD).
It was also nice to see some work by Aubrey Beardsley there too *_* He's one of my favourite artists and I just LOVE his style:

Yeah, don't mind me, just having an art geek-out moment <3

But yeah aside from the usual emotional ups-and-downs, everything has been pretty much the same. I've been terrible with updates and commenting since I have been visiting LJ everyday - but I tend to procrastinate from writing anything :s yeah, that's a habit I aim to break out of soon enough.

Guess I better go study for tomorrow D:

In Other News

Right onto something more positive.

I've been applying for jobs all day after weeks of procrastination and stupid self-doubt (I'm lucky to live with my parents - I'd probably be living on the streets or face-down in the river Thames by now with the way I've been handling things -_-). Mostly admin and retail stuff, but I did like the sound of the one at the comic book store in Camden. The only thing that made me a bit wary was the fact that they ask for your photo before apply for the job :/ lol maybe I'll be too ugly to work there. I applied anyways because it's not like I have anything to lose.

I'm hopefully going to get started on another maths course in September if I can't find a job before then. The assessment is at the end of August so I guess I'll be revising my old notes from the previous course - I do not want to start over from the beginning if I can help it. I've also been looking in on British Sign Language courses, since I know a little bit from using makaton (a bit like a simplified version of BSL - like signalling to 'eat' or 'sleep') with my older brother. It looks interesting and could be a good thing to know - at least it would be something to do rather than nothing.

In the meantime, I've been going up to the metro (an lgbtq organisation) for the mental health drop-in and it's been pretty good so far. Everyone has been friendly and helpful on giving some much needed advice. They've helped me find a counselor to help with some of my issues and should be seeing her on the 14th August - hopefully it will work out :)

On the geek side of things - there's so many things I'm behind on right now. I'm taking my sweet time with the Attack on Titan manga, and by that I mean that I'm buying the mangas whenever they get released over here. I think I've gotten a tad too obsessed with this show and I mostly blame Tumblr for that lol.
I was surprised to hear that Kuroshitsuji was releasing a series - only this one is based on the circus arc closer to the manga (I assume everyone is going to pretend that the second series never happened). It's been alright so far and the animation is beautiful. Plus they've made Snake talk in different voices for each of his snakes omg, it's simutaneously cute and a bit creepy c: I'm also a bit smitten with the opening theme;

Even though I quit the manga ages ago, I'll always make time for the anime - the designs are my weakness and I have a soft spot for slightly angsty/dark anime (well maybe not so angsty and dark with all the gags included - I was happy to see Sebastian meeting the tiger in the second episode :'D oh eternal cat lover)

Naruto is coming to an end - but to be honest I can barely understand what's going on any more. At the moment everyone is hopping through dimensions while fighting the goddess of ninjas - and Obito dies again to save Kakashi :I I'm mostly keeping an eye on it to see what happens to Gaara and Lee, as well as to see if Naruto gets to become the damn hokage or not.

As for Free! - that has been one hilariously cheesy-campy adventure after another and I'm enjoying every minute of it.

Party hard dude.

I'm going to finish here to go watch the new episode of Luxury Comedy. I don't know how it's going to be, but knowing Noel Fielding it's guaranteed to be weird - and that's my main reason to watch it \o/



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